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Mankind has now finally realize that plastic bags pose a hazard to the environment. They are solid waste pollutants which may carry your belongings today, but eventually end up clogging drains, floating in oceans or sitting in landfills and waste sites. All this has led to companies and individuals using recyclable paper bags as their bit for the environment.

However paper can be recycled only thrice. Moreover paper bags are not reusable so though they are eco-friendly, you have to keep on producing paper bags. Though eco-friendly as they can be recycled, they are actually made by chopping trees down which ends up threatening the planet’s air quality.

Woven bags may be another option for carrying things as they are reusable and recyclable. However they are more labor intensive and consume more energy in the manufacturing process. This is why the best option of the lot today seems to be non-woven shopping bags.

First manufactured in China

These bags were first manufactured in China by spin binding non-woven polypropylene (PP) both which looks and feels like cloth and is soft, smooth and air-permeable. However as they needn’t be woven, they are a more economical and ecologically sound option.

The fibers are instead mechanically or thermally bound together. This is why non woven shopping bags are durable, water resistant, breathable, attractive , hypoallergenic, soft, light, fire-resistant and in most cases, washable. They can be repeatedly washed till unusable!

Various uses of non-woven bags

These bags are a much better option than PE or polyethylene bags as they are made using polypropylene (PP) which has a much different structure than polyethylene. As PE has a more stable structure, it is much more difficult to break down. In fact, it takes about 300 years for it to get completely bio-degraded. On the contrary, as PP has a less stable chemical structure, it is liable to chain degradation.

The bags are mainly used as reusable shopping bags, wine bags, cake and coffee bags, food bags to carry large amounts of flour, rice, etc., garment bags, thermal bags, messenger bags, foldable bags, hand bags with zippers and drawstring gift bags.

In addition to these many uses, there are these many benefits associated with using these bags. It is these benefits which form the main reason for its increased use and popularity:

1. Economy

Non-woven shopping bags are an economical bagging option for businesses. They are not only produced cheaply, the fact that customers keep reusing them reduces the need to produce more bags. Moreover, as people keep using these bags, any printed advertisement on its surface will be seen and used to promote the advertised business.

2. Long-lasting

Non-woven shopping bags are made using non-woven fabric like cotton which is firm and durable enough to last 5 years and to carry even heavy things. This is in contrast to plastic bags which are manufactured thin to save on its production costs, and are thus flimsy and easily tears.

Of course, though the production costs of non-woven shopping bags is a bit higher than the production costs of plastic shopping bags, they have a longer life than plastic bags. The laminated non-woven bags are even better as they are more attractive, water-resistant and durable. They are also fire-resistant and can withstand temperatures more than 130 degrees C while PET bags start melting at around 90 degrees C.

3. Great advertisement tool for building a corporate image

Non-woven shopping bags can be printed on much easier than plastic bags. They thus make a better advertisement tool as they can be easily printed with your company logo and tagline or message. Moreover, these bags are beautiful enough to be used as tote bags to carry small things whenever you have to go out. They thus easily attract people’s attention. So with your company logo on it, it creates a much better advertisement impact than ordinary plastic bag and are much better corporate branding tool.

In addition to all this, PET bags have developed a bad image for itself as they are considered wasteful and bad for the environment. They are seen everywhere, in gutters and streets and its presence here represents the business they advertise in bad light.

On the contrary, businesses which use reusable non-woven bags are considered to be a business with progressive thoughts and aim at doing something good for the environment. They are not only recyclable, but can also be frequently reused and are hardly found lying on the streets and in the garbage. These bags thus create a positive marketing strategy for businesses and help develop a strong brand image instead of the PET bags which create a negative impact on the market.

4. Environmentally friendly

These bags are 100% recyclable as they are bio-degradable and burn easily without any risk of toxic contaminants. The bags are also manufactured without using any water or PVC coating. With the introduction of these reusable bags into the market, the number of bags people use has reduced considerably.

The use and demand for plastic bags is reduced, and as long as plastic bags are no longer used, there is no risk of any white pollution anymore. Last, but not least, these bags can be repurposed when they start wearing out and be made into rugs, clothes and other items.

5. Can be manufactured with extra design features

You can enhance the look of your non-woven shopping bags by incorporating them with various eye-catching design features. For example, you can add rope handles, metal eyelets, Velcro tabs, hard based, pockets, name card holders, popper fasteners and even zips to customize and improve the look, functionality and use of your bags.

As the bags are a great fabric to print on, you can use various printing techniques like silk screen printing and OPP lamination to print a high-quality design and get your marketing message across clearly. Moreover, the bags are available in gloss or matte laminate, and in various thicknesses ranging from 80 mg to 100 mg and 120 mg for you to choose and use based on your budget and requirements.

All these reasons and benefits increase the need for businesses to use non woven shopping bags for all their bagging needs!