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Instead of spending millions, even billions for the products to be broadcast on TV for a few short seconds or on a poster at the side of highway gaining not much attention, nowadays, with the popular Take-Away form, promoting your brand on your own branded printed bags is easier than ever.

1. Low cost, reusable
Comparing with ugly plastic bags which are harmful to the environment, beautifully designed fabric bags with durable materials such as canvas, burlap and non-woven fabrics will be enjoyed, reused and taken everywhere by the customers. Inadvertently, they have become “poster trees” with your store’s logo on them.



Moreover, this is also a way to indirectly confirm the quality of your product. In addition, you also contribute to making the environment greener and minimizing the amount of waste discharged into the environment.

2. Increase brand identity
Young people often have a habit of checking in or taking pictures of outside moments. Another reason why canvas bags with branding logos is a great marketing method is that with each photo on Facebook, Zalo or Instagram, your customers are promoting to hundreds or thousands of people about your store’s information and products in a very effective way without you losing any fee.



3. Create professional images
Comparing with plastic bags, plastic cups or disposable foam boxes, investing in beautifully designed fabric bags will make your store’s image become much more professional. However, for this approach to be most effective, your business needs to have beautiful and durable fabric bags.
Canavi’s burlap bags and non-woven bags are leading products on the market today with not only a wide variety of designs but also can help promote your company’s brand. At Canavi, we are experienced in the field of burlap bags and non-woven bags for domestic and foreign corporations.